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Business Members

Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club appreciates the local businesses who support us. We all benefit when you patronize the businesses who give back to their communities.


When you plan a trip to ride our trails, we hope you'll do business with our supporting business members. They offer everything you'll need:

  • Lodging

  • Dining

  • Shopping

  • Fuel

  • Services

If you are interested in becoming a Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club supporting business member, you can join online or fill out our membership application.

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2024 Snowmobile Map
club supporters

Supporting Businesses

star, pine tree, text: Buckhorn Camps

Middle Jo-Mary Lake
T4 Indian Purchase Township, ME

(207) 723-1548

inserting a plug into an electrical outlet

Energize ME

16 Young's Way 

Gorham, ME 04038 

(207) 222-4222

text: Hardy Construction, Inc.

19 Sparks Ave 

Brewer, ME 04412

(207) 307-7158

text: Manter Construction of Maine, Inc.

92 Iris Ln

Sidney, Maine 04330

(207) 547-3500

pine tree, bear, text: Matagamon Wilderness

P.O. Box 220
Patten, Maine 04765
(207) 446-4635

text: Mt Chase Lodge Where Adventure Begins

1517 Shin Pond Rd

Patten, ME 04765

(207) 528-2183

Text: NHB

PO Box 266
Holden, Maine 04429
(207) 843-6400

truck with firewood

2211 Medway Rd

Medway, ME 04460

(207) 746-5799

two lodges in the snow

Fleetwood Ave

Patten, ME 04765

(617) 592-3450

text: Real Estate with Team Jocelyn

Concord, MA

(978) 799-8094

mountains, pond, trees, Text: Shin Pond Pub

1149 Shin Pond Rd

Mt. Chase, ME 04765

(207) 528-2660

Shin Pond Village

1489 Shin Pond Rd

Mt. Chase, ME 04765

(207) 528-2900

cartoon beaver wearing sunglassses

1446 Shin Pond Rd

Mount Chase, ME 04765

(207) 528-2626

Dumping Sand

PO BOX 416

Patten, ME 04765

(207) 528-2934

sign: Stanleys Auto Center

2184 Medway Rd 

Medway, ME 04460

(207) 746-5770

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