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Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club is dedicated to maintaining and expanding a trail system that is currently 140 miles long. It runs through Shin Pond, Matagamon, Grand Lake and Sebois.


To extend your scenic ride, look for the markers that connect with Libby's, Oxbow and the National Monument trails.

Originally, our trail system went from the Whetstone Bridge to Bowlin Camps, where the previous camp owners dragged a 16-mile stretch with a 1972 MS-18 Moto ski and a bedspring for a drag! By 1990, we completed a 122 foot suspension bridge across the East Branch of the Penobscot River, continuing to the ITS trail system, to Shin Pond, and then to Matagamon, where a 50-mile loop was completed.

Nine groomer operators run our four Piston Bully Groomers. They are dedicated to continuing the tradition of unsurpassed trail grooming so you can enjoy miles of safe snowmobiling in Maine.

You'll find our trail condition reports on Facebook.

Please ride responsibly.

snowmobile grooming equipment at sunset
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Park and Ride

Bowlin Matagamon Shin Pond Snowmobile Club's park and ride is located at Shin Pond Village, 1489 Shin Pond Road, Mt. Chase Maine 04765.

Get directions to the park and ride.

It's ten Miles from the town of Patten on Route 159. There you will find plenty of room for your trailers, gas, food, a bar, restrooms, and accomodations.

aerial view of lodging facility with mountains
Trail Map
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